Morrinsville Community House - Safe Relationships (Women's Programme)

Safe Relationships


A family violence support and education programme that assists women to rebuild lives they choose

Session 1:



Session 2 & 3:

‘Where we come from’

Family violence and its influences while growing up

Session 4 & 5:

‘Where are we now’

How family violence influences what we bring to relationships


Session 6 & 7:

‘Where we’d like to be’

What do healthy and safe relationships look like


Session 8 & 9:

‘How to get there’

Developing your relationship map



Supported by

Morrinsville Community House

43 Canada Street Morrinsville

PO Box 37 Morrinsville 3340


Phone: 07 889 5355

Fax:      07 889 0094




The programme is free and held on Wednesday mornings (9.30am to 11.30am)
during School terms. 

No referral is necessary with women able to access either by phone or just attending.